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Our second sailing season we sail North through the inside passage on our way to Alaska


Social distancing is our jam

We got back to Meriwether a month ago, just as people started taking this whole virus thing seriously. Since Kerri and I already live on the fringe of society, distancing ourselves from society is not much of a burden on us. We have been practicing social distancing for some time now, virus or not. Combine that with the fact that...


The 2020 plans

This year we have planned to make the trip North via the Inside Passage to Ketchikan or Petersburg Alaska. The route will bring us up into Canada for our first International border crossing before weaving our way through the coastal islands of British Columbia. It is more than 700 miles of sailing before the end of our year, even without any...


Going dogless

The next few years of our life is not going to be conducive to Moose’s happiness. With long days of motoring up the inside passage to Alaska, and then leaving the boat up there during the winters while we escape to other countries, Moose would have had to suffer through multiple flights and long periods of dog-sitting with random people....


Another year, another todo list

This year we were quite pleased to get back to the boat by the beginning of March. Mostly, we just wanted to get to work on all the projects we had compiled during the 2019 sailing season so we could begin our 2020 season as early as possible. The weather has been laying pretty nicely so far. Sure it has...


Our return to boat life

Kerri and I have returned to Meriwether after three months in the van visiting with our land-based nomadic friends in the South West. The land-vacation didn’t come easy, with a horrific month long breakdown that trapped us in Las Vegas (of all places). Eventually we escaped and got to all the visiting of friends, which was great. However, by the...