Category: 2021 Sailing Season

After a winter in Port Townsend, Washington, we set sail Northbound for our first at-sea and overnight sail to tour Alaska.


Only 8 hours to travel 20 miles

Well, our 2021 sailing season has officially begun. We slipped out of the marina at 1 PM on Sunday waiving to our neighbors who stared in disbelief that we were leaving them behind. I felt no guilt in it. Kerri and I planned to make a 20 mile sail to one of our favorites spots to drop anchor – Port...


Our final Port Gamble

Port Gamble has become one of our favorite anchorages south of the Juan DeFuca Straight. Not only is it well protected, it goes completely unused by anyone else. The shores are littered with clams and oysters that Kerri likes to eat, and there is a fantastic trail system just a short dinghy ride away where she does her fungus hunting...


Kerri eats more sea life

A whole week now. That’s all that it has been, but it feels like much longer already – at least to me. I’m quickly falling right back into the routine of life on the hook. It is an easier life than being on the dock, I will admit. With all the major projects and repairs complete, I can satisfy my...


Ludlow overnight

A phone call from my Mother & Sister prompted a quick reschedule of our next couple days. They wanted to drive out to visit before we left to Alaska. Luckily, the drive is only about two hours from there house to where we were anchored in Port Gamble, but the accommodations in town were slim. Not to mention this would...