A week at Chuckanut

Content with some peace and quite (factoring out the nearby train tracks) we anchored in Chuckanut Bay for nine days – two weekends and a work week. We had started at the North end of the bay where the majority of anchoring boats seem to go. By the end of the first weekend, we were the only boat left anchored in the bay.

During our evening happy hours, sitting up on deck enjoying the non-raining evenings, Kerri noticed a large house up the hill. People would come sit out on the large grassy area that overlooked the bay, and us in it. We discussed how nice it is to see a family that sits out on their own lawn, but it turned out not to be. The entire estate – Woodstock Farm – is part of Bellingham City Parks, and the people were random daily visitors. We set off to visit  the farm on a clear day, and thoroughly enjoyed the hike and scenery.

We re-positioned Meriwether to the South side of the bay for protection from a stiff southerly blow showing up mid week. From here it was an easy dinghy ride over to explore Chuckanut Island in the middle of the bay. At first glance it is not much more than a few acre large blob of sandstone covered in trees, but the small trail there provided a great tour. The island also gave us our first glimpse – in 2020 – at some tidal pools.

After the blow we returned to the North side – which we both agreed was prettier – for the second weekend. The rain returned for a few days, keeping us inside for most of it. However, we did gather the nerve to dawn our new wet suits for the first time since they were given to us by Brad and Oksana, and attempt a swim. This plan did not work out, with Kerri lasting less than 10 seconds in the water before the activity was called off and replaced with a lay-around-the-boat-with-a-fire day. This was Kerri’s first time in the Puget Sound waters… I’ve been in four times previous.

The north also had access to a public trail system. On our final day we took a four mile hike out to Chuckanut Falls and back. Finally, on Monday afternoon we returned to Bellingham via a perfect day of sailing. A warm and sunny day, mellow seas, and a steady 12 knots of wind meant for another great afternoon of sailing to finish off a much needed break from civilization.

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