Category: 2022 Sailing Season


Jumping to Prince of Wales

The next leg of our journey exiting Alaska was to hop from Baranoff Island to Prince of Wales Island. Normally this is not even a concern, but these two islands are separated by a fair distance of open water – water that is subject to the herculean tidal currents of Chatham Strait. Not to mention that the total distance to...


The end of Prince of wales

Craig was a nice enough little fishing town. During our stay we ate out each evening, visited all the local supply shops, and even got a few boat-to-dos done. But neither of us took any serious photos, as is our norm. We were both eager to get off the dock so after a two night stay we were cutting the...


Crossing Dixon

Two days of patience was finally going to pay off. The wait rewarded us with a damn near perfect wind forecast to sail across Dixon Entrance and Hecate Strait. This won’t be our first time, as we did it last year on the way up as part of a three-consecutive-day passage up the second half of the trip to Alaska....