Appreciating where we are

One of the wonderful things about a vacation (something I hadn’t had in a loooooong time) is the perspective it brings when you come back home. I came back with a lot of affirmation about the choices we’ve made—on our boat, on our current cruising grounds.

Truth is, as beautiful as it is down in the Carribean—the clear turquoise water (swimmable!—though I’ve never enjoyed swimming as much as most people, it’s basically a necessity down there to keep cool), the sea life up-close and personal—I prefer the tall green trees framing distant majestic mountains, the moody seas, and the fog that carries the smell of the forest (on land, it used to carry the smell of the sea). And those views will only get more majestic as we head up into BC and possibly AK next year. In addition (no news to me), I can manage cold with much more vigor than I I can manage heat. Heat seriously drains my life force. Though a sleek, modern sailboat that could turn on a dime and had three private berths was fun, returning to our cabin-in-the-woods-on-water was comfort. And, as it turns out, Tim feels the same.

As our plans are to eventually sail around the world, we’ll of course be hitting plenty of warm tropic isles (and enjoying the heck out of them) on the way. But I doubt they’ll be our ultimate destination.

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  1. Rob says:

    It sounds like you folks had fun!

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