Author: kerri


Appreciating where we are

One of the wonderful things about a vacation (something I hadn’t had in a loooooong time) is the perspective it brings when you come back home. I came back with a lot of affirmation about the choices we’ve made—on our boat, on our current cruising grounds.


Tour inside Meriwether

While we wait “down below” for some rain to pass through, I thought I’d start a little series showing the interior of Meriwether. Considering how much time we spend down here, I’m surprised at how few photos I’ve taken/shared. Here you’ll start to experience the full-fledged ridiculousness of boater terms. Some are necessary. But when it comes to interiors, there...


Say hello to SV Meriwether

The legend goes that if you change the name of your boat, you risk angering the sea and wind gods, and your boat will take on bad luck if you don’t appease them. There’s a big long name-changing ceremony meant to purge those salty records from the depths that has about as many versions as there are boaters, but all...