Getting another look at the Baba

We both had so many questions about our [possibly] new boat, so we scheduled another date to get on-board and take a closer look at everything. We spent hours on the Baba, opening every hatch and sticking out heads in as far as we could. We wanted to see the condition of the wiring, plumbing, and possible leaky points. We also wanted to get some questions answered from the seller’s broker who also attended for a period. He was also nice enough to start up the motor for us and left us alone to poke around even more.┬áIn the end we were feeling much more comfortable with our choice. Everything was in great condition, especially for a 40 year old boat.

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How it all began

This all started a couple years back. Following an evening watching a documentary about a teenage girl sailing around the world (solo I might add), Kerri and I found that we both had a liking to life aboard a sailboat. We talked about it for weeks following that night and decided that we would aim to start sailing a few years down the road, after we finished off our land-based travel plans of 2017 ad 2018, of course.

The plans to start sailing was never firmly scheduled. We were hoping to start looking at boats some time in 2019, and spend a year looking and learning. We occasionally discuss our future in a boat, but never took any real steps forward on the plan other than putting money aside for that fateful day and informing our loved ones of the plans to be. The Mom’s were not too pleased by the idea, but accepted it, although I believe both secretly hoped we would forget the whole idea.

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