Transitioning to winter

Over the past two weeks it has become plainly obvious that winter is here. We were lucky to have gotten out that last weekend of sun, but hopes are not high for another any time soon. I’ve covered the boat as best I can and stockpiled wood to burn in our stove, all in preparation for the crazy-ass’d task of wintering on a boat in Alaska – what are we thinking? It’s not all cold and dreariness however. Alaska does come with a perk or two. Wait, I can only think of one…

I chose to stay in bed that night, leaving Kerri to freeze at 1AM all by herself.

And this past week brought our first Alaskan snow. It brings just a tickle of joy to me as I’ve missed the snow from years past. Our lives in recent years doesn’t include a whole lot of snow, but I think that will be made up this winter with an average of 98 inches of snow each year falling on Hoonah. That’s nearly four times the average for the rest of the US.

I’m pretty sure that my blogging will slow to a once-per-month (or so) over the winter, just as it did last winter. Not a lot happens around here once we settle into a winter-spot. Lots of huddling around laptops for hours and hours, then to bed, then repeat. Not much else. So, till next month…

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  1. Rob says:

    Wintering over in Alaska in a sailboat will be a good story … later.

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