Isla Salsipuedes

Four nights. Four whole nights we stayed at our last anchorage. It is rare that we hang out in any one location for this length of time, at least in the past two sailing years. Once we left Alaska, we have stayed only 2.9 days, on average, at each location. That includes both 3 week spans we spent in the Bay Area and Ensenada. So, sitting still for four or more is a real treat to my old bones, and both Kerri and I are soaking it in.

We could have stayed longer, but with the wind blowing perfectly to go where we wanted to go, and that place being a new-to-us location, we picked up anchor and set out with the tide. All in all it was only a 25 mile jump, easily accomplished during daylight hours. We would sail past one of our favorite islands of our run up the Sea; Isla Partida. Although parts of us wanted to stop there again, a new adventure awaited on the next island to the south. The wind did pick up lightly as we progressed through our day, culminating in 20+ knots on our quarter as we were approaching our destination. This is all fine and dandy in my eyes, especially for down wind sailing. We pulled off some text book maneuvers to douse both the head and main sails, and motored the last half mile to our new island.

Isla Salsipuedes is but a sliver of an island but comes with three good anchorages. One on the north-east side, exposed to the northerly winds that blow this time of year, and two on the south-west. The anchorage we wanted was a small nook, just enough space for a single boat as long as that boat stern anchors to prevent swinging into the rocks on either side. And that is just what we did, using all our Pacific North West experience of stern anchoring to position Meriwether in the perfect spot to be both protected and scenic.

Then we did little to nothing for – get this – 5 more days! Yep, Meriwether and her crew stayed put for five days, a new record, just soaking in the rays and enjoying some peace and quiet.

After a few days of nothing, we tossed the SUP boards over the side and went out for a little paddle. The water is so clear it was easy to be a silent spectator of all the life below. I am pleased to report that this is the second time we have been on the boards and we have yet to fall in. I will admit I nearly went in on one occasion, but held it together long enough to get to my knees before I took a salty bath.

Another day we dropped the dinghy in the water to carry a load of chairs, drinks, and trash to shore. There we hung out with a small bon-fire while the sun set. It was a purely-practical fire really, just to burn much of the paper trash that would otherwise prematurely fill our trash locker. This noted our first time on solid ground in nine days. Yep, we were quite happy to just stay on the boat after 6 months of the land-life.

Though we were the only boat in this small anchorage, one other boat pulled in a few hours after us. Mike, a solo-sailor, motored past to give a hearty ‘ahoy’ before setting his anchor around the point in his own secluded spot. Mike visited us a few times during the five days that followed, mostly in passing as he was out catching a fish or two. But one night we invited him over for a few drinks and a longer talk to get to know each other. It is always nice to meet the other – few – boaters way up here at this time of the year. 


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