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It’s just one of those weeks

Since Kerri took the time to type up long social media posts about our last week (or so), I leave it to her words… – Tim They say in boating, you experience the highest highs and lowest lows. The past few days have highlighted both of those. After we left Glacier Bay, we anchored for a couple nights in a...


Another two days motoring Johnstone

Day 5: 36 nautical miles. We weighed anchor at peaceful Tuna Point, with just this cabin with the tractor tire dock overlooking us. It seems unoccupied (by the living anyway), but I swear the door wasn’t cracked open when we pulled in the night before. We’ve been choosing anchorages by pure convenience—whatever’s a quick stop from our route, in and...


Starting Johnstone Straight

Day 4: 45 leisurely nautical miles motoring in light headwind. We planned departure at 7am to motor up to Seymore Narrows. Known for its extreme currents which can reach reach up to 16 knots, everybody gathers at its head just before slack tide, to make the transit through. First thing, we ran into a snag…literally. Our anchor chain was extremely...


Is this how normal people sail?

Day 3: 62 nautical miles, almost all by sail. We departed Lasqueti Island at 6am to catch the last of the slow current out and anchored at Hornby Island until the tide changed. Weather forecasts predicted a downwind sail up the Straight of Georgia, building from 10 to 20 knots by the evening, and for once, the forecasts were right....


No mas ‘merica, man

It was sort of a perfect first day of our transit through to AK, which made me ask multiple times, “Why didn’t we just to this in the first place?” We would have been in AK two weeks ago! The forecast told us that we should expect to be motoring the whole time, but we had wind for much of...


Appreciating where we are

One of the wonderful things about a vacation (something I hadn’t had in a loooooong time) is the perspective it brings when you come back home. I came back with a lot of affirmation about the choices we’ve made—on our boat, on our current cruising grounds.


Tour inside Meriwether

While we wait “down below” for some rain to pass through, I thought I’d start a little series showing the interior of Meriwether. Considering how much time we spend down here, I’m surprised at how few photos I’ve taken/shared. Here you’ll start to experience the full-fledged ridiculousness of boater terms. Some are necessary. But when it comes to interiors, there...


Say hello to SV Meriwether

The legend goes that if you change the name of your boat, you risk angering the sea and wind gods, and your boat will take on bad luck if you don’t appease them. There’s a big long name-changing ceremony meant to purge those salty records from the depths that has about as many versions as there are boaters, but all...