Starting Johnstone Straight

Day 4: 45 leisurely nautical miles motoring in light headwind. We planned departure at 7am to motor up to Seymore Narrows. Known for its extreme currents which can reach reach up to 16 knots, everybody gathers at its head just before slack tide, to make the transit through.

First thing, we ran into a snag…literally. Our anchor chain was extremely twisted and jumped off the gypsy to dump our entire length of rode onto the seafloor…twice. Once we finally got the anchor up, we found that the rode had snagged and wrapped around it in the strong changing tidal currents overnight. Once we got that worked out, we made it to the narrows on time, and passed through with about five other boat, including a tug towing a big barge, without incident.

After enjoying the passing scenery for a while, the skies got gloomier, the mist and rain started, and I went below to catch up on work, occasionally popping my head out to peek at the gorgeous views. We anchored around 3pm in peaceful Tuna Point that hosts one tiny cabin and lots of singing birds, and we’re greeting by a rainbow.

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