Last days in Port Gamble

After the overnight trip to Ludlow, we had a few more days in Port Gamble before the weekend, where we finally planned to head off to new adventures. Two weeks we have hung out here relaxing my poor old joints (after months of winter projects) and hiding from the rest of the world. It has served us well with only the occasional gusty or rainy day to interrupt the peace.

It was on one of those breezy enough days for me to be down below, plugging away at my laptop, that my phone alerted me of a new text with an image attached. John, our favorite stalker – and pilot – had just flown over us and had snapped a few images of Meriwether in the bay. Who needs a drone when John is around, eh?

On Thursday I had rented a car to run an errand (which turned into multiple errands, because if you are going to rent a car…). It is always an exciting conversation with an employee at Enterprise; trying to get them to pick me up from the side of the road where I dinghy to shore. They have yet to fail me in that respect. The next thing I knew I was driving myself around town to pickup more groceries, liquor, and a big visit to Longship Marine where we had a second hand sail to buy… among other tidbits. Part of our preparation to sail off shore is to have the right equipment and a storm jib would fill in a gap in our sail plan. The chances of us needing to use this string-bikini of a sail (seriously, it isn’t going to cover much) is pretty minimal, so may as well buy one at a ‘used’ price. It won’t impress anyone with all it’s stains, but if/when it comes out for use (in 40+ knots of wind) there won’t be a soul around to see it anyway.

Friday, Kerri ensured we got off the boat early in the morning (yep, you read that right, Kerri got up early) for one more hike in the woods. We did the best we could to hike trails we had not traversed in the past, but by this visit to PG we were repeating a lot of our walk. Still, it was a beautiful morning and the trees were smelling good, but there was some uncertainty about the flowers.


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