Out of the boat for the winter

Yes, I’ve been very quiet in the past few weeks. I’m not much the kind of guy to give a play-by-play of each individual repair or upgrade I do, either on the van or the boat, so I have spared you all that tedium. Needless to say, I was working on final repairs on the boat with a December 10th deadline to get them all done. The 10th was the scheduled haul-out day so the professionals could accomplish a few repairs that could only be done with the boat out of the water. Leak prevention, sail removal, and wood preservation was the name of the game for two weeks.

So, after two soggy days of moving most things back into the van, we are officially van-dwellers again as of the afternoon on the 9th. The morning of the 10th I cranked up the motor on the sailboat, eased it out of it’s slip, and motored it to the crane to have it lifted out of the water. It was left in the hands of the repair shop and Kerri, Moose, Byron, and myself all piled into the van to start the 800+ mile journey back to family in California.

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