Magnificent boobies

Our destination after the four-night passage was always hoped to be Isla Isabella, a national park and wildlife refuge. We were told how we could walk amongst the nesting birds there as they were unafraid of humans. However, it would be the weather that would dictate if we could actually stop here or not, as any stiff breeze makes the anchorage too uncomfortable for a stay. As luck would have it, the next couple days had very mild winds, so we dropped anchor in the South anchorage, got some rest, and set out for a hike the following morning.

The stories were true. The nesting birds couldn’t have cared we were there with the vast majority not caring any more than glancing our direction as we strolled past with cameras flickering away. We ended up walking the full trail system, which took us to the northern most point of the island, then to the eastern most before heading back to the south anchorage where Meriwether awaited our return. We took hundreds of photographs of the Magnificent Frigate Birds and the Blue Footed Boobies that were nesting on the island, as well as a few iguana.


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2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Super photos. But you two always have good camera work.

    I guess the chick is a boobie?
    They really are magnificent.

  2. Rob says:

    The water is a beautiful color! And I like the title šŸ™‚

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