Getting into the Espiritu

Isla Espiritu is the larger of two uninhabited islands and part of the Archipiélago Espíritu Santo National Park. They are an easy destination from La Paz as they are a mere 20 miles from the big city and come with numerous anchorages with protection from all but westerly blows. The water and beaches are straight out of a travel brochure.

We had already spent one week on the islands between the two visits to La Paz, but went out for another week before leaving the greater La Paz area. Not only was it on our route north, these islands really were the first place in a while that has felt truly wild and pristine. Way out on these islands there would be no lines of vans camping on the beach, or traffic noise from the highway, or music thumping from the restaurants nearby. The worst we would get would be the numerous tour pangas that shuttle a dozen people each out from La Paz for an afternoon of fun and play on white sandy beaches and in the perfect teal waters.

Both of our week-plus long visits I have felt a bit under the weather as my body dealt with one thing or another, but I did my best to enjoy the island life. In fact, it is quite possible that my enjoyment is the cause of the ailments. Both turned up after repeated long bouts of swimming, something I believe did not agree with the old immune system ticking away in my body. I was in the water no less then a half-dozen times – both for pleasure and to work on the boat – and even Kerri got wet a few times to go snorkel some of the reef’s nearby with me (I no longer bother to photograph underwater, it never looks as cool and I’d rather just enjoy the experience).

During our first trip out to the islands we anchored in all but three of the anchorages, hopping every other day or so. The second time around we stayed in only two of the three remaining anchorages, staying much longer in each as we waited out weather to blow past. On one of our final days we joined a beach birthday party slash potluck slash happy hour with numerous other cruisers from the anchorage. Some Kerri already knew from online contacts, others we were meeting for the first time. All in all, it was nice to socialize again after a week of solitude.

We haven’t felt any rush to get moving north at any real pace as of yet. Mother nature has told us it is not yet time with all the northerly blows still in full force. It is rumored to change around this time of year. So, we continue to take our time, moving when the weather allows, and soaking in the more relaxed days on the islands. Soon enough, warm weather relaxation will be replaced by hot weather work. Got to enjoy it while we can.

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