A time of recovery

Meriwether and her crew (we) made it back to San Juan Island to start our week long recovery process after last two weeks of preparing for and failing at a Pacific passage. Just getting the boat back into ‘living mode’ was a whole day process. Then came the shopping for a new fridge unit. Of course, our previous unit was no longer sold (because we always find a way to buy something that will be discontinued immediately after we purchase) so we had to find a new unit that would still fit into the space. Eventually the order was placed and it would be shipping into Friday Harbor, solidifying our destination for the following week, further allowing us to purchase a few more items to be shipped in as well.

Once again anchored just off San Juan Island’s American Camp, we only went ashore to get in some more hiking on these beautiful trails. It was the first time either of us had set foot on solid ground since we left Port Angeles nearly two weeks prior. We expected it to feel odd, but it was no bid deal. Quite anti-climactic to be honest. The hiking was fine, the forest was top-notch, but we were both still just starting to come out of the fatigue and stress of the previous weeks.

Memorial Day Weekend was upon us before we knew it and we really didn’t want to be cruising about during a holiday weekend. Just too many boaters that have no clue on the water during a holiday, so we chose to stay put for a few more days. Even our non-destination anchorage slowly filled with boats on Saturday. The destination places looked packed to the gills when we looked on AIS. We made the right call, for sure.

After seven days of recovery anchored off San Juan Island, we were ready to rejoin the world. We had a new timeline and route to Alaska, and a new fridge on the way. It was time to dust ourselves off and get back to this adventure towards Alaska.

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