Bending on our new mainsail

With only hours remaining in the month of March it had arrived, and before we could even think about how beautiful it is we were in the act of bending on our new mainsail to Meriwether (yep, that’s the sailor phrase for installing a sail) who offered no complaints about the fancy new dress. It was an exciting moment, not only for us but for our neighbors who came out to watch the show. Once erect, the folks at Port Townsend Sails gave us some pointers on it’s care and use. And just in those few minutes of advice we had a half dozen “ah ha” moments as the knowledge and experience penetrated into our still new sailing-minds. I could feel the salt settling in there I tell ya.

This is it. This is/was our final project to accomplish before we leave… kind of. We still spent the whole of the following day getting our headsail back up the forestay, our staysail mounted, all the sheets ran for both, and lastly cutting, splicing, and installing all the reefing ties for the main. T’was a long day of hauling sails up and down (numerous times each) which my body forgot just how much work that really is. Nevertheless, Meriwether is 100% ready to go now. Just one more day to resupply our stores before untying the lines to start our 2021 adventures.

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  1. Rob says:

    “Bending the mainsail”, any idea how that term came to be? Lot’s of other nautical talk too! Headsails, forestays and staysail too!
    I was not able (yet) to find where the phrase “bending the mainsail” came from, the rest were easy to look up.
    Not easy to understand but easy to look up… 🙂

    Safe travels!

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