Our return to boat life

Kerri and I have returned to Meriwether after three months in the van visiting with our land-based nomadic friends in the South West. The land-vacation didn’t come easy, with a horrific month long breakdown that trapped us in Las Vegas (of all places). Eventually we escaped and got to all the visiting of friends, which was great. However, by the middle of February, we had decided to focus our lives on the sailing with a sprinkle of international travel when we need to get away. This meant we would go ahead and sell the van, so we did a few days later. A rental car and a long weekend of driving brought us back to Meriwether a week ahead of our scheduled return. It was good to see the old boat still afloat and waiting for our return.

On that very day, within an hour of stepping foot back on our boat, the 30-amp electrical cord that delivers precious 120 volt power to our dehumidifier (keeping mold at bay all winter) burnt out. Just a poof, and the dehumidifier turned off. It was the only notification that the power went out as we hadn’t even had the chance to move back in by that time. Right away the todo list just got longer. Ah, the hard life of a sailor. I guess it could have been worse. The cord could have fizzled two months ago and we could have returned to a boat full of mold. Ah, the luck of a sailor.

It took us two days to move back aboard the fine boat, at which time we got straight into the long, long list of things we hope to repair, upgrade, or add. Of course, we are now doing all these projects without a vehicle to bring us too and fro any stores. We may as well get use to it; our life will be car-free for many years to come.

Things could be worse. This poor fishing boat is now a submarine

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  1. Rob says:

    Welcome back! Just in time too it seems!
    No car… I did that for a few months when I was workcamping in Iowa, I used my bike and learned to limit what I bought just because I could only carry so much. I looked at folding bikes but there was room for standard bike on the back of the RV so I kept what we had.

    Full time life on the sea begins, good luck folks!

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