Going blind

After making it through Deception Pass with our lives intact we completed the day of sailing (of mostly motoring) to get up to Shaw Island in the center of the San Juan National Monument. Our target was Blind Bay – on the north side of Shaw Island – where we arrived just fine. We poked around looking for a spot that called out to us, but nothing did. We ended up taking a mooring ball on a small island at the mouth of the bay – Blind Island State Marine Park.

Blind Island is an itsy-bitsy 3 acres in size. It is a human-powered boat-in-only camping park which clearly makes a great stop during a long kayak adventure. For us, it was simply a nice place to paddle over in the dinghy and let Moose get in some bush-time during our 3-day stay. We had a front row seat to the ferries pulling into and out of Shaw. At night it truly is a spectacle, with all those lights.

We hiked around the whole island in a matter of minutes. I daydreamed of us perching Big Blue (by helicopter I guess) right at the top of the island and having a vegetable garden, a goat or two, and some chickens. Heck, 3 acres is a perfect size for us. Kerri argued at first, but came to my side just in time for me to scrap the whole idea. We can’t live a stationary life!

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