Nothing at Potlatch

After the nine hour day of sailing to get here there was only one thing left to do… nothing. Well, first Moose had to go ashore, then to the nothing. We didn’t even prepare any substantial meal, just poured a tall glass of Saki (who am I kidding, we drank the whole damn bottle) and sat out in the cockpit to enjoy the sunset together. Then off to bed for some much needed rest. The waves and wind didn’t even matter, we slept hard.

The following morning we made the decision to stay put for another day. We had another 2 miles to go to our work-week destination – not here, highway 101 runs right past here and the road noise is horrible – but the state park has a campground. Where there is a campground there is a good chance of a hot shower, which we would not find two miles later. So, a day of more nothing (more nothing; is that possible?). Seriously, Kerri did not move from her position shown in the picture below. I spent most of my day doing the same. However, I did take the following picture… so that is something.

In the evening, when it was time to walk Moose again, we packed up a bag of showering supplies and took turns showering while the other walked Moose around. Clean and walked, the three of us returned to the boat watched another sunset, and slept cozily on the mooring ball (now that we sorted out how to keep the ball from banging on our boat all night). When morning came, we pulled the lines off the mooring and motored the two miles across the bay to the small town of Union where we would be staying for a few days.

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  1. Rob says:

    At the now famous “Potlatch shower”!

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